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Real Conversations

It is not a conversation about the relationship- it is the relationship!

Tired of feedback sessions that fall flat? Fed up with déjà vu conversations that lead nowhere? Break free from the cycle of surface-level exchanges and step into the world of REAL Conversations.

In many cases, we tend to rely on the "mute or shoot" strategy, believing that being authentic and keeping relationships safe are mutually exclusive. However, both of these approaches can be considered as the dark mode of communication. It's time to unlock the third mode - the REAL conversation.

At Saltoz, we believe in making every interaction count. It's time to ditch the pretense and unleash the power of authenticity. Say goodbye to muted harmony or shooting from the hip. It's time to switch to the REAL mode and create conversations that ignite transformation.


With our innovative approach, we empower individuals and teams to fearlessly express their thoughts and ideas. Our REAL Conversations program provides you with the tools and support to navigate challenging discussions, fostering an environment where honesty thrives and relationships flourish.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Choose Saltoz and embrace REAL Conversations that spark real change. Step into a world where your voice is heard, ideas are valued, and collaboration takes flight. Experience the true power of open, honest, and impactful dialogue.

The Session’s Topics

Stop the "Mute or Shoot" Dilema

We often believe we must choose between truth and harmony. The “REAL” Mode is about mastering absolute authenticity while maintaining good relationships.

Address the REAL Topic: 

When emotions are escalating and it seems that you're not resolving the issue, there lies the hidden REAL topic. We'll uncover how to delve deeper into the REAL issue.

Break Free From Déjà Vu Conversations: 

Encountering the same conversation again? Follow 3 simple steps to recognize and free yourself from repetitive and unproductive conversational patterns.

Create Safe Ground in Conversations: 

Lacking safety, REAL dialogue suffers. Learn to cultivate trust for productive, lasting relationships, making future conversations easier.

Why Choosing the Real Conversations session?

The REAL Conversations session delivers hands-on techniques for authentic, impactful dialogues. Using real participants' challenges, it guarantees practical, immediately applicable learning, a key asset for your business.

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