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Meet Iffat Bar-Kol Grecht

Discover the driving force behind Saltoz, Iffat - a creative international speaker, a passionate entrepreneur and a champion of open, honest communication. Renowned for her dynamism and creative spirit, Iffat is committed  to facilitating transformative results for organizations worldwide.

As the mastermind behind the "Real Conversations" methodology, Iffat has empowered numerous organizations to bolster their collaboration skills,  fostering an environment where goals are not just met, but exceeded.  With a rich background in executive management development, she offers a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, ready to be shared with her clients.

Iffat's influence extends beyond speaking and facilitating. She is actively involved in the entrepreneurial community, currently serving as a director on the European council of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) - a prestigious global platform for entrepreneurs. She has also served as the past president of the Israeli chapter.

If you're an organization aiming to foster a culture of open, honest dialogue, an entrepreneur ready to elevate your communication skills, or a business leader prepared to leap towards extraordinary results, Saltoz is your trusted partner on this transformative journey. Discover the Saltoz difference today



Welcome to the heart of Saltoz - our team. Our strength lies not only in the diversity and expertise of our team members, but also in their unique ability to connect, collaborate, and inspire. We are a family of international facilitators, each fluent in various languages and adept in their respective fields.

Drawing from a rich managerial background, every member of our team shares a passion for empowering organizations through communication and collaboration. They have traversed various industries, gathered extensive experience, and cultivated an array of skills, all of which they bring to the table when working with you.

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