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Enrico Mariani

Partner, LCA Studio Legale

A huge thank you to Iffat Grecht for leading an amazing workshop on 'Real Conversations'. Learned tons about authenticity and vulnerability in building and maintaining relationships. I've already started applying the tips this morning!

Sean Ross,

founder, Stonyridge Ingredients

Huge shout-out to Iffat Grecht for your special and impactful 'Real Conversations' program. It was a pleasure meeting you and attending the talk, which everyone rated a perfect 10/10. The session was not only enjoyable but also incredibly informative and enlightening. I am impressed by the substantial content you managed to convey in such limited time, clearly demonstrating your ability to enrich people's lives with days of this insight.

Domenico cavaliere

President, EO Italy

Special thanks to Iffat Bar-kol Grecht for her enlightening presentation on 'Real Conversations' to the entrepreneurs of EO Italy, encompassing members, partners, and prospects. Her session provided profound insights into enhancing communication in both business and personal spheres, ultimately facilitating transformational growth as entrepreneurs and family members.

 John Anderson

CEO of InnovateTech Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Saltoz during a critical phase of our startup journey. Their expertise in fostering authentic communication and collaboration transformed our team dynamics. With their guidance, we were able to address the right issues, break free from unproductive patterns, and create a safe environment for open dialogue. Saltoz's approach truly made a significant impact on our success.

Itay Aviyam

Vice President, Tech Support 

I want to extend our thanks for the exceptional communication workshop you led. Your expertise, energy, and engaging facilitation style have not only enlightened us but also inspired a renewed commitment to excellence in communication within our team.
Your ability to tailore the content to our specific needs, combined with the interactive and practical exercises, made the learning experience both valuable and enjoyable. The feedback from our directors has been overwhelmingly positive, the insights gained from the workshop are already being applied in daily communications.

Leeron Starck Resnick

JF, Nashville, Tennessee

Iffat's "Real Conversations" presentation was a masterclass in navigating meaningful dialogue, seamlessly applicable to both business and daily interactions. Your dynamic delivery, infused with humor, captivated us from start to finish, making the session not only informative but also delightfully engaging. Time flew by unnoticed, a testament to the compelling and enjoyable nature of the talk. We gained valuable insights from you and are eager to integrate the "Real Conversations" methodology into our daily routine.

Sarah Roberts

HR Director at VeridianEdge

Saltoz's REAL Conversations program was a game-changer for our organization. The training not only equipped our team with the tools and techniques to navigate challenging conversations, but it also fostered a culture of trust and open communication. The facilitators' deep understanding of real conversational challenges and their ability to provide personalized guidance made the learning experience truly valuable. I highly recommend Saltoz for their great work in empowering teams through authentic communication.

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